Scleropages leichardti Arowana Fish


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Common name: Leichardti Pearl Arowana, Leichardti Arowana, Dragon Fish, and Leichardti Dragonfish
Scientific name: Scleropages Leichardti
Place of Origin: Australia

Their tank should be placed in low traffic areas to keep the Arowana from getting frightened by sudden movements. Sudden movements around their aquarium should be avoided. Lighting should preferably be dimmed instead of suddenly turning it on or off. A scared or agitated Arowana can easily injure itself.

Sexing: There are studies that correlate head size to gender that are 70% accurate

Breeding: Pearl Arowanas are mouthbrooders and are readily bred in large ponds, but rarely in aquariums.

The Leichardti Arowana, also known as the Leichardti Dragonfish, like all Arowanas is a freshwater scaled fish. Common misspellings are Leichardti Arowana or Leichardti Arawana. Often growing up to three feet in length, these fish can be both challenging and rewarding to the aquarium enthusiast.



Scleropages leichardti Arowana Fish for sale

Firstly, Scleropages leichardti Arowana Fish for sale .dark-colored body with seven rows of large scales, each with several reddish or pinkish spots arranged in a crescent shape around the trailing edge of the scale, giving it a pearly appearance.

Secondly, It has large, wing-like pectoral appears very similar to the Asian arowana, S. formosus.

Thirdly, It grows to a length of about 90 cm (35 in). Its maximum weight is recorded as 17.2 kg (38 lb), but one report suggests it has been known to weigh as much as 27 kg (60 lb).

More to that, the depth of the bodies of adults is approximately 25-28% of the Standard Length, making this a more robust fish than its Australian cousin S. leichardti.Like other arowanas.

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Due to their resemblance to the Asian arowanas they are sometimes sold in the name of golden arowana in some of the Asian countries, like India.

However, they can be easily distinguished from the Asian arowanas by identifying their red spotted fins & 7-8 rows of scales on their body.

Leichardti Arowana fish

Feeding: Juveniles will readily eat small fish, tadpoles, live brine shrimp, live brown worms, small earthworms, and other live foods, but should be trained to accept pellets, sticks, a chunk of frozen foods, chopped and whole market shrimp, and other meaty foods.

Furthermore, It is not only less expensive to feed an Asian Arowana prepared foods instead of feeder fish, but it is also healthier for it too.

Leichardti Dragonfish wholesale

In addition, It is critical that the aquarium has a tight fitting and secured lid that is extremely strong.Most Arowanas are avid jumpers and can easily knock a heavy glass lid onto the floor! Many an Arowana has been lost this way.

In a nutshell, They do not tolerate poor water quality, so excellent filtration along with frequent partial water changes of 25% or more is required to keep nitrates low.

Scleropages leichardti Arowana Fish for sale

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