Platinum White Arowana Fish


Platinum Arowana is one of the freshwater fish with bony appearances. This fish has a slim long body size with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks even more enchanted. In the family stage of fishes, this fish is included in Osteoglossidae family. Mostly fishes that are included in this family will have a bony head with body elongated.

The scales are also different since it appears in large size and heavy with beautiful shine pattern. The Super Arowana has soft and long layered. The head body of this fish is also unique in which it has teeth style that looks upward.


Buy Platinum White Arowana fish

Buy Platinum White Arowana fish are natural color variants that originated from the Kapuas River System in Kalimantan. Along the Kapuas River.

Furhermore, there are pockets of  White Arowana populations that look slightly different from other populations and thus, named under different types of Red Arowana.

Platinum White Arowana fish wholesale

More over, Platinum White Arowana for sale  is a special category of white Arowana that exhibit a purple base core in their scales and superior overall body shape.

Also, Its tail tends to be larger and possess longer pectoral fins which enable it to swim gracefully with majestic style.

Under the right growing conditions, its desired shape and color would be achieved.

In addition, Maturing to becoming one of the most beautiful Platinum White Arowana there is in the market.Buy Platinum White Arowana fish

White Arowana fish for sale

More so ,Platinum White Arowana and discover Step by step instructions to Distinguish Platinum White Arowana and Golden Red. I separate Platinum White Arowana, brilliant white, too white and will be talked about through the accompanying article.

More to that, It is proposed that when you are going to get one of the three kinds of Arowana. Always prepare before you buy Arowana fish.Buy Super Red Arowana

Platinum White Arowana fish for sale

Also, Platinum White Arowana fish that ought to effortlessly have a size of 10 cm and make it simpler to recognize.

In any case, there are issues you have to consider as the Golden Arowana fish Red and Super Red which has a size of 15 cm beneath the market.  It enables the dealer to call Platinum White Arowana to call it by the name of Golden Red or Super Red Class.

Platinum White Arowana fish

In addition, Platinum White Arowana fish has a greenish-yellow shading on the body and red on the balance. When going to purchase Platinum White Arowana in the eyes Arowana types are additionally inclined to crossed eyes.

Furthermore, In the event that a fish how to swim isn’t peaceful and his eyes continually looking down, you can wager the fish. Type Platinum White Arowana which incorporates having a decent appearance.

Buy Platinum White Arowana fish

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4-6 inches, 8-10 inches, 12-14 inches, 16-18 inches


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